*deep breath* Sorry. Needed to take a second to compose myself cause I’m just too darn excited *deep breath*

I am so very excited to announce that Haunted Homemaker has now evolved into Haunted Ladies. This change has been on the radar for some time and now that conventions and shows are in starting up we thought now would be a good time to make it official.

So what is so exciting about the change?!?

  • A huge list of new handmade home decor, apparel, and accessory products (maybe even some little bridal goodies) that will be released twice a month.
  • A community of ladies ¬†who are professionals in the halloween or dark industry (click here for how to join).
  • And even more that I can’t even talk about yet.

Thank you to everyone who is migrating over from Haunted Homemaker. Please update your links and bookmarks. The first new products will be annouced on Friday April 6th. Follow Haunted Ladies on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new product announcements.

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