2018?!? 2018 is almost upon us. What are you leaving behind from your 2017 and what are you bringing to your 2018??? I am thankful that 2017 is coming to a close. It has been a challenging year for me and my family. I am optimistic for the prospect of 2018, although I have nothing planned for it. Then again, I feel like I say that every year. Am I alone in this feeling??? Go into the new year full of hope and leave thankful that it is over. In the past I was never a new year’s resolution person but the last couple yearsRead More →

*deep breath* Sorry. Needed to take a second to compose myself cause I’m just too darn excited *deep breath* I am so very excited to announce that Haunted Homemaker has now evolved into Haunted Ladies. This change has been on the radar for some time and now that conventions and shows are in starting up we thought now would be a good time to make it official. So what is so exciting about the change?!? A huge list of new handmade home decor, apparel, and accessory products (maybe even some little bridal goodies) that will be released twice a month. A community of ladies  whoRead More →

The last few days of peace, albeit iPad induced peace, have been nice as the kids head back to school after winter break. Overall the break wasn’t horrible as far as the kids whining, complaining, or fighting but it was hard for R (my autistic 6 year old). Well, it was hard for me to see him that way. He is in the midst of a full-blown autistic regression. The poor kid is getting so frustrated. I was having flash backs to when he was 2 and would bang his head on the floor out of frustration. After a meeting with his IEP team aboutRead More →

So here I am blabbing on about national days  and showing how we celebrated the day when I haven’t shared any information about me. Silly me. Let’s see. Where do I begin. My name is Melissa or Misa or Mom or Haunted Homemaker 🙂 In my 30s (that’s all you need to know) :)~ I have 3 monsters…I mean kids. A 6 year old austistic boy, a 4 year old character boy, and my little miss mischief girl who is 1 1/2. I met my husband at a group for haunted house builders called CalHaunts. My birthday is near Halloween and Halloween has always beenRead More →

January 13 ~ NATIONAL STICKER DAY! Like any planner gal I am kinda obsessed with stickers and anytime I can find ones with a dark style, I am in love. Luckily today is National Sticker Day and it gave me a good excuse to order some new dark planner stickers from Etsy. I ordered from 2 different Etsy shops and I was very pleased with both purchases. I ordered from Pretty Sheepy and Shadow and Moss.     Buy or make some special stickers. Take photos of them to post on social media using #NationalStickerDay and #hauntedhomemaker. For More info on the day go to NationalRead More →

After a long hard day a perfect way to relax and unwind is with a warm bubble bath. Today is a good excuse to indulge yourself cause it’s National Bubble Bath Day. The bubbles on top of the water (also known as foam bath or foaming bath) actually insulate the bath water, keeping it warmer for a longer period of time.  Children find bubble baths fun and enjoy playing with the bubbles which entices them to take their baths. Some “bubble bath”, “bath foam” or “foaming bath” serves a dual purpose and can also be used as to wash skin or hair. Bath foam preparationsRead More →

Wooble Boune Wooble Bounce. Watching the head of a bobblehead wooble and bounce around can be hypnotizing and today there are many people being hypnotized by their heads because it’s National Bobblehead Day. I am not much of a bobblehead collector but I couldn’t resist getting this bobblehead in honor of the day.  Info on National Bobblehead Day by National Day Calendar. National Bobblehead Day is celebrated annually on January 7.   This day recognizes a day of celebration for all spring-connected head bobbing figurines. Bobbleheads have been around for over 100 years and are found in different shapes and sizes. However, none are more popularRead More →

Whether you like it homemade, canned, or in a tub, who doesn’t like or hasn’t enjoyed whipped cream at some point in their life. Today is National Whipped Cream Day! If you’d like to learn more on whipped cream courtesy from National Day Calendar read on, if  not skip to the end for a how we celebrated National Whipped Cream Day and a really good recipe. There is that little something that adds a final touch to ice cream sundaes, cake, milk shakes, hot cocoa, pie, pudding and many other desserts and it is annually recognized on January 5.  This is National Whipped Cream Day. ThisRead More →

Oh mama mia! It’s National Spaghetti Day! Spaghetti is a staple in the Haunted Homemaker household. It’s one of my husband’s favorites, it’s quick, easy and I’m usually lazy when it come to dinner making (I’d rather be baking). Get or make some spaghetti and use #NationalSpaghettiDay and #hauntedhomemaker to post on social media. Here is background on Spaghetti from National Day Calendar. The long, thin cylindrical pasta of Italian and Sicilian origin which is made of semolina or flour and water, known as spaghetti and loved by millions has it’s own special day. January 4th is National Spaghetti Day and is observed annually across the country.Read More →

Did you know there is a national day for just about anything? Well today is National Drinking Straw Day. Here is some background on the drinking straw courtesy of National Day Calendar On January 3, 1888 Marvin C. Stone received the patent for the paper drinking straw in acknowledgement of that invention, each year on January 3, people across the nation observe National Drinking Straw Day It is believed that the very first drinking straws were used by the Sumerians for drinking beer. It is speculated that they used the straws to avoid the solid byproducts of fermentation that would have sank to the bottom.Read More →